You might have spent little time wondering exactly how 3D glasses actually work when you are watching a 3D movie. Those magical polarized 3D glasseswhich you wear to feast on any film shown in 3D to bring out the hair-raising sensations you would never have thought possible. These average-looking 3D glasses are the reason why visual 3D media and 3D cinema have exploded into the phenomena they have become in terms of visual entertainment and excitement. 3D polarized technology has adapted to what it is today thanks to a long and fruitful voyage within the boundaries of motion pictures and 3D graphics. Take a moment to join us to retell the remarkable story throughout time of polarized 3D glasses.

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Plastic Circular Polarized 3D Glasses – Classic

Technology of Polarized 3D Glasses

The primary function of polarized 3D glasses has much to do with polarization and the outstanding concept of binocular vision. Polarization can be filtered through the lenses of these glasses through one method whereby different polarizations are offered to each lens to function on. Whilst wearing these glasses, the brain envisages multiple pictures, just as the naked eye would do, thus creating the illusion of an object being viewed intensely. Working on this conception, polarized 3D glasses are utilised to make 3D laser shows, 3D movies, video games, music concerts, as well as other visual media and make them more appealing and enthralling. There are normally two varieties of polarized 3D glasses available on the market – circular and linear polarized 3D glasses, which are both available in different colours and sizes.

History of polarized 3D glasses

1950’s – These years were not the best to witness the full capacity of 3D glasses, with both comfort and sensations being a far cry from what to expect today from polarized 3D glasses. For example, old movies required 2 prints to be able to project 3D properly, making maintenance tedious and exhausting. Apart from this, both prints had to be run coherently with one another to function properly. At this stage, should the synchronization be lost at any point thereon, the movie would become totally unwatchable. Sitting by the side of the big screen would also pose issues as the viewer would be forced to tilt their heads to enable them to watch the screen to prevent the objects from appearing faint and unclear.

Luckily for us, through further research and technological advances, polarized 3D glasses were designed to surpass all these hurdles, evolving into an unforgettable experience of what movies should represent today. Just to name a few 3D movies which surpassed every expectation – Avatar, Life of Pi, Kung Fu Panda, and Spy Kids, reigned supreme in the box offices thanks to 3D technology at its best and even more blockbusters are in production waiting for their chance of glory. All of this brought about a formidable whirlwind of necessary accessories, such as polarized 3D glasses.

Finally you can now understand the amount of effort required to make a 3D movie. It takes but a moment to remember the humility and endeavour in making all of this possible through polarized 3D glasses and this is revived every time we go to the cinema to enjoy the awesome experience which is 3D.

Where you can buy them

You must be yearning to go out and buy yourselves a pair of polarized 3D glasses but we strongly suggest that you take your time to look around at the different models available, paying particular attention to select the right pair for your needs. Just remember that there are two types to consider – linear polarized or circular polarized.