Innovative entrainment experiences available today, the combination of breathtaking 3D movie along together with high accuracy motion seats makes the user feel he is really a part of the experience.

The advanced 3D technology implemented in a 3D simulator can offer both 3D “depth” effect and 3D “popping out” effect, where the users sense movie objects “scratching” their noses (similar to an IMAX theater).

The high accuracy motion of the seats is possible thanks to several pistons located underneath the seats. These pistons are usually hydraulic or electric and are commanded by a main PC according to the 3D movie displayed on the screen.


Apart from the three-dimensional movie and the motion seats a 3D simulator offers other advanced sensory experiences such as vibration, rain, strobe lights, wind and more, all working in perfect sync with the 3D content shown on the screen to complete the virtual reality illusion.

A standard sized 3D simulator can usually contain up to 8 seats and requires an area of around 15 square meters (161 square feet), it comes with a package of 3D movies which can be refreshed every period of time. Custom made 3D content is possible as well, ranging from a completely new 3D movie to simply adding a high quality 3D logo at a beginning of an existing one. The external design appearance of the 3D simulator can be customized as well to meet your needs.

3D simulators are ideal for shopping centers, theme parks, museums or any institute with young crowd.

For conclusion, 3D simulators are a great way to boost up a business and create new profits as long as the supplier is professional at all aspects, there are a lot of suppliers which specialize only at motion yet they offer the complete solution, resulting poor 3D and a lower quality total experience.

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