It’s Real! A Unique Experience of Virtual Reality on V-Ride!

The virtual reality simulator, V-Ride, manufactured by Bnext Systems, is the most advanced of its kind in Israel. It is a technological sensational viewing-station for adults and children (from age 4), that incorporates state-of-the-art virtual reality applications, in a full space (turn in all directions), and in stereoscopic 3D. The attraction includes: wearing special glasses, moving chairs, and interactive handles (for shooting). The user chooses the game or the experience, and is transported to an exciting virtual world for about five minutes. He can participate in a shooting battle, float in the air, dive in water, drive in a racing car, and more. This ride is a thriller!

After years of experience in 3D simulators (4D, 5D,9D, 12D), Bnext Systems is proud to present in Israel the V-Ride station as the most innovative system for virtual reality. It embodies a significant upgrade from the familiar 3D experience, from a “standard” viewing of 3D movies projected onto a screen (sometimes accompanied by physical effects), to an active and stirring virtual ride, which includes: viewing in full space (all directions – to the sides, up and down, etc, when wearing the glasses), movement specifically engineered in these chairs, and options for shooting games (with the handles).

The contents of the station (games and movies) are unique, renovating (for returning customers) and exclusive; they include many shooting games. In addition, customers can buy (at the viewing-station) products that extend their VR pleasure, such as our most advanced model of virtual reality glasses for home-use. The customers can enjoy our dedicated internet-site, which provides instructions for activating the glasses, and is updated. Bnext Systems also provides technical support to ensure ongoing performance of the viewing-stations.

The first V-Ride simulator in Israel was launched at a mall in Haifa (“Lev-Hamifratz”), in April 2016. Today it can be found in the leading malls in Israel, including: the big mall of Petach-Tikva, Ofer Mall in Rehovot, Grand Mall in Haifa, etc.

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