It is now easier than ever to take your business to the next level with Bnext’s state of the art 3D/4D/5D technology. Bnext 3D uses the same 3D projection technology found in professional theaters and makes it available on a smaller scale to smaller companies. You too can benefit from this opportunity and enter the booming 3D market.

Our team provides professional and friendly service through the entire 3D process. To meet all your 3D needs, we help design your 3D system, supply you with all the equipment and knowledge you need, and provide installation services, if required. We’ll help you shoot your 3D films, create other original content, and project your 3D movies. In addition, we provide all the technical support you may need to successfully operate and benefit from your 3D system.



All types of “Classic” 3D cinemas/theaters and 3D projection systems.Polarized 3D Cinema, Dual projector 3D cinema, PC based, 3D Blu Ray Based and more.



Sometimes referred to as a 4D Simulator, in addition to the standard 3D Cinema capabilities, the 4D Cinema offers the physical “dimension” to the experience, such as motion seats, water sprayers, artificial wind, scenting, smoke emission and more.



The most common 5D uses are Shoot ‘Em Up games where the player shoots the targets that jump from the screen. 5D cinema is also becoming more and more popular for interactive educational tools especially in the fields of biology and chemistry. Ideal for the classroom, amusement parks, arcades, malls, or any event.



Bnext 3D offers professional stereoscopic solutions for almost any need, ranging from 3D filming systems for educational, professional and artisticinstitutions (3D photography, biology and chemistry classes) to Bnext’s unique state of the art stereoscopic 3D Maze, used by theme parks worldwide.