Polarized 3D Glasses Circular polarized and Linear polarized. Passive 3D glasses compatible with all polarized systems such as: RealD, IMAX, Volfoni, Master Image, LG, DepthQ systems etc. Custom prints are available.

Virtual Reality Glasses Plastic and cardboard VR glasses. Can be used with any standard phone or with a built in LCD monitor and sensors.

Anaglyph 3d Glasses “Red and Blue” 3D Glasses. Available in Red-Cyan, Green-Magenta, Color Code 3D and more. Custom prints are available.


Virtual Reality Cinema Breathtaking Virtual Reality experience, with motion seats and shooting handles. The most advanced VR (Virtual Reality) solution for malls and shopping centers.

3D Cinema All types of “Classic” 3D cinemas/theaters and 3D projection systems.

4D Cinema (or 4D Simulator) In addition to the standard 3D Cinema capabilities, the 4D Cinema offers the physical “dimension” to the experience, motion seats, water sprayers, artificial wind, scenting, smoke emission and more.

5D Cinema Interactive 3D cinemas, for shooting games and educational content.


3D Maze State of the Art 3D MAZE where customers virtually interact with themselves and friends in breathtaking 3D reality.

3D Education 3D educational solutions include 3D screening systems and compatible 3D content such as Interactive 3D biology, chemistry, and English lessons, or any 3D science movie.

3D Surgeries 3D live surgeries can be used for better depth perception and for educational purposes.